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Crown Reduction in Canterbury & Across Kent

Crown reduction is the act of reducing the size and density of the tree's canopy whilst maintianing the overall shape. Crown Reduction is a great way to keep your trees looking their very best every year.

Crown Reduction Kent

Crown Reduction

Removing the top canopy of a tree allows much more natural light into your garden or your house. It's also a great way to stop your trees from interfering with overhead power or telephone cables. Crown reduction creates a compact and tidy looking tree.

Be aware that heavy pruning can make trees susceptible to disease, or sometimes die off completely. Heavy pruning will also encourage heavy re-growth which kind of defeats the object of a crown reduction in the first place. Who wants to pay for tree surgery every year?

Tree Surgery FAQs

  • What is a Tree Sugeon
    A tree surgeon, which can also be refered to as an Arborist, is somebody who provides an array of tree related services. A tree surgeon can treat diseased or damaged trees or remove unwanted trees altogether. A tree surgeon is an expert in everything related to the care of trees.
  • How much does Tree Surgery cost?
    We don't deal in estimates, we only give precise quotations that are the final cost our customers pay, no matter what. You can be safe in the knowledge that we won't be adding any nasty surprises to the final bill. In order to provide an accurate quotation, we have to make a free, no obligation on-site visit in advance. Our years of industry experience ensure we are always competitively priced and our reputation is extremely important to us. We are fully insured, qualified and trading standards regulated.
  • Do you remove the waste or is there an extra charge for this?
    We always take everything away with us which is included in the price. Tudor Rose Tree Suergery try to be as environmentally firendly as possible and recycle if we can. You may want to keep the wood for fire logs, if so, we can cut and stack them for you. Some clients like to keep wood chippings for their flower beds and paths.
  • The only access to my garden is through my house. Are you still able to perform tree care services?
    Many houses do not have side or back access to the rear garden. We are used to carrying our equipment through our customer's homes. We are always extremely careful and do our utmost to avoid causing any damage to your property.